Plant Companions: Keep good company in the garden

Here are a few neat bits of information about companion planting from Old Farmers Almanac.

I love the easy to view chart in the second link, but you have to scroll down to see it!

Happy Gardening!


Artichoke Bloom

I know you aren’t supposed to let them blossom if you want to eat them. But it is so beautiful and I can buy such yummy ones at Farmers Market I just had to let this one plant go for it!

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Container flower garden

This was a patio of container gardening that I had the pleasure of refreshing. What fabulous way to spend the day that was!!

When I saw all the old stuff in the planters and the new flowers available to me for re potting I felt like an artist who had just been handed, paints, brushes and new canvas!! The photos don’t quite do it justice, but this space is a lovely oasis of color and fragrance now. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the orchids I helped replant a few weeks later!