Plan before tree planting

Plant trees an appropriate distance from structures such as houses, garages, etc to allow for full maturity. Consider both branch and root spread.

Fruit bearing trees will often attract critters that will make their way into your home if the branches reach the building so give them a little extra distance.

Also remember to make sure you will be able a gain access to the fruit as the tree grows. It’s no fun to end up with fruit rotting off the branches and dropping to the ground because you aren’t able to reach them when they ripen.

Limited space and still want fruit? Go for semi- dwarf or dwarf varieties. They can even be raised to full maturity in containers if given large enough planters.

Planting trees that drop leaves or flowers? Keep them away from pools or other areas that make it hard clean up after.

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Plant Companions: Keep good company in the garden

Here are a few neat bits of information about companion planting from Old Farmers Almanac.

I love the easy to view chart in the second link, but you have to scroll down to see it!

Happy Gardening!

Little red aphid eaters!

One of my favorite spring rituals is releasing ladybugs into my garden. I love watching those little guys so much I will continue to buy them even if I don’t think I have an aphid issue! This year I have a somewhat mature but new to me artichoke plant that was in need of those tiny red and black beetles with the big appetites.
Somehow I think I picked the best container of ladybugs ever sold in a store! As soon as I brought them home and opened the carton that evening they were impressive. Sooooo many of them and pretty active. I had plenty for the big artichoke plant, the 2 little ones, some for the roses, the dwarf apple tree…never has one container stretched so far in my experience.
By the next morning I could see why. They were ‘active’ indeed, I bought a carton of breeders!
It’s been a week now and there are still quite a lot of them on that artichoke always at least 6 or 8 pairs at any given time still coupled up. It seems unlikely at this time that I will ever need to purchase them again, pretty sure I accidentally started my own ladybug ranch!
Here are a few pictures of my pretty gardeners helpers.
Rated PG. Hehehe
Happy Spring!!!

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