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Artichoke Bloom

I know you aren’t supposed to let them blossom if you want to eat them. But it is so beautiful and I can buy such yummy ones at Farmers Market I just had to let this one plant go for it!

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Attract Butterflies for More Flowers and Joy

Every once in a while the best possible blog is one someone else already wrote.¬† This post makes me happy. ūüôā Enjoy!

Attract Butterflies for More Flowers and Joy.

via Attract Butterflies for More Flowers and Joy.

Say Hello to my little friend :)

Just outside my ‘office’ window (my office is where I keep my laptop on a treadmill desk), we have a gorgeous Bird of Paradise plant that for several months now has been a popular stop for a darling little hummingbird. I fancy that he comes to visit me as well, for sometimes he will hover at the window looking right in.

My favorite thing to see is when¬†the little guy¬†will land on the plant and I am able to enjoy a rare and precious sight of a hummingbird while not in motion! As you can imagine it’s been a goal of mine to capture one of these rest stops on camera, but it doesn’t last long!

Friday the 13th was finally my lucky day. When he landed this time it looked like he was trying to hunker down a bit from the wind and cold that day. I had my phone right there and was able to get a couple of shots with¬†the¬†camera on my¬†phone, it takes good¬†pictures but doesn’t zoom very much.

So when I realized he still looked fairly settled in¬†I got brave, I tip toed away from the window, then RAN for my real camera and tip toed back up to the window….He was still there!!!

Not exactly professional quality photos or anything, but something I was excited to capture and want to share! I hope you enjoy as well!!

Just chillin' out, sitting on the bird of paradise plant.

uh oh, maybe he is getting camera shy. Did I become hummingbird paparazzi?

He's all fluffed up because it was cold and windy that day!

Container flower garden

This was a patio of container gardening that I had the pleasure of refreshing. What fabulous way to spend the day that was!!

When I saw all the old stuff in the planters and the new flowers available to me for re potting I felt like an artist who had just been handed, paints, brushes and new canvas!! The photos don’t quite do it justice, but this space is a lovely oasis of color and fragrance now. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the orchids I helped replant a few weeks later!