How does your garden grow

My personal gardening is such a joy to me and often a big inspiration for other projects that I decided to dedicate a page on the blog for just my gardening adventures. There will sometimes be posts in relation to work I get hired to do, but most of this page will be about my own home gardening experiences.

By no means am I a seasoned or experienced gardener/farmer.

Although I do have a more rural experience in my upbringing than some of my peers I wasn’t paying that much attention to how plants grow. As a young kid I was more interested in catching lizards with my brother, as a teenager cared more about hanging out with friends (and gossiping probably), as an adult I had been more of a ‘city’ girl, mostly living in apartments with little or no yard and lacking indoor space large enough for indoor growing.

Living now in a house with good-sized yard with someone who loves outdoor work and home improvement projects too has led to a lot of fun adventures in gardening.

Too bad I hadn’t thought of blogging when we first started revamping the entire backyard about 5 years ago. Already so many things were learned along this journey and more being learned all the time that I want to share the journey with others who might be interested.

Taking pictures of the progress is something I have always been good at so there will be lots of images showing up on this page.

I hope this page will become a valuable resource of information, by sharing my experiences, tips, and advice I have learned along the way. Even better if it grows to become a  forum allowing many of us to exchange our experiences! I’m looking forward to lots of feedback and answering/asking lots of questions.

Happy Planting!


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