Running amok

growing wild, sort of.

growing wild, sort of.

Had  blackberry growing in a planter near this spot and moved it last year to a different location, then one day from in between the rocks all this new growth started around the new pot (with blueberry plant) and decided to let it have it’s way. It is growing and blossoming like crazy and I am really excited about getting some lovely fruit later this summer! The pot that was moved with the original plant in it also loves it’s new location and is looking very productive. Hoping to continue posting updates of all the deliciousness growing in my yard this year. It’s just so hard to sit at the computer and do this when I just want to be out there tending my leafy babies!


My first homegrown asparagus!

I put a cork in the picture for size perspective. The long one is from one planter the 2 smaller ones from another. I almost let the one get too tall and skinny before harvesting.

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Plan before tree planting

Plant trees an appropriate distance from structures such as houses, garages, etc to allow for full maturity. Consider both branch and root spread.

Fruit bearing trees will often attract critters that will make their way into your home if the branches reach the building so give them a little extra distance.

Also remember to make sure you will be able a gain access to the fruit as the tree grows. It’s no fun to end up with fruit rotting off the branches and dropping to the ground because you aren’t able to reach them when they ripen.

Limited space and still want fruit? Go for semi- dwarf or dwarf varieties. They can even be raised to full maturity in containers if given large enough planters.

Planting trees that drop leaves or flowers? Keep them away from pools or other areas that make it hard clean up after.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

My little buddy dropped by tonight to say hello. I was able to approach within about 6 or 8 feet of it to get this picture! So glad I happened to bring my phone outside with me!
It was also the first time I have ever seen any birds perch on the lines we put up for the patio lights back in April. If I’d had my good camera it would have been such an amazing shot.

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The most delicious Peach EVER

In February we planted a semi dwarf Red Baron peach tree that was full of beautiful pink blossoms. Now it is full of beautiful tiny peaches and we discovered today some of them are ripen to perfection.
There were 2 peaches we ate right from the tree; quite possibly the most delicious, juicy, tasty treat I have ever eaten!
There is just nothing better than food you grew yourself with love and appreciation!!

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